Saturday, August 28, 2010

Harvesting and preserving

Campus has been very quiet the last week or so and now seems to be barely waking up as students trickle back in. Despite a few rabbit, deer, and missing compost incidents, the Parsons and Kellogg gardens are doing as well as ever! Those of us still around have been trying to preserve what we can for use the rest of the year through various methods. Here are a few things we've been up to:
-Using the cryovack and blastfreezer in the Paresky kitchen to vacuum seal and freeze kale and chard
-Blanching, peeling, quartering, and freezing tomatoes for future use in sauce/salsa
The tomatoes

The blanching and peeling in process
Final product! Now we just need permanent freezer space...
-Making and freezing lots more pesto from all three types of basil (lime, amythest, and Superbo Genoa)
-Pickling the biblical cucumbers (going to happen this week)

We also harvested all of the carrots from Kellogg which maybe should have happened a bit earlier, but they're still quite tasty and impressive looking!
Some of them were really thick!

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