Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reaching New Heights

Lauren climbs a tree to reach apples
I couldn’t help imagining myself as a picture in a Williams brochure. “Just another day at Williams,” the caption would read, below a picture of me wearing hard hat and wheeling a load of apples down the sidewalk. 
This particular Friday, Lauren and I found ourselves entering the Steton-Sawyer construction site to harvest apples. I thought of the verb to decimate, literally, to reduce to one-tenth. Though Kellogg garden is no more, a few apple trees remain. Lauren had retrieved keys to the site, hard hats from the Geoscience department, and long fruit pickers from the Environmental Science department. 
The construction site
We gleefully gleaned apples from the ground and tree branches. After an hour, we had filled five 5-gallon buckets!
The next morning, we reconvened with more help and spent the day chopping and stirring. We turned half of the apples into applesauce. 
some of our harvest!
We were able to share some of the applesauce with the rest of the group at the delicious and fun garden dinner prepared by Driscoll Dining Hall on Tuesday. It was wonderful to come together with old and new garden friends and celebrate the fall with, well, the fruits of our labor.

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