Wednesday, August 17, 2011

august photos, part 2

Just another post of lots of pictures - more words to come later, perhaps.

harvesting tomatoes for the Zilkha Center weekly lunch



beautiful new picnic table handmade by Skip Clark, a local carpenter
wood from Vermont lumber mill

after allowing the garlic to cure for a few weeks, the next step is to cut
off the tall (now fully dried) stalks, trim the roots, and brush off the
remaining chunks of dirt. next step: somewhere to store it?!

herb barrels outside the faculty house: mint and purple basil!

outside Paresky, by Park St.

Monday, August 8, 2011

august growth

one of the first nearly ripe tomatoes
late July 2011
okra! best to harvest when about 3 inches long
late July 2011

preparing a bed for planting
late July 2011
late July 2011

delightful yellow tomato volunteers
8 August 2011

"Fourth of July Tomato"
a hybrid purchased from the nursery in Cheshire in early June, this particular
variety of tomato is ready to harvest much quicker than most tomato varieties
(roughly 55-68 days). because it's a hybrid, seeds cannot be saved, but it does taste delicious, and is the first tomato in the garden ready to enjoy!
8 August 2011

the melon bed, taking over the lawn
8 August 2011
yellow squash, started from seed in mid June
8 August 2011
okra, traditionally a southern vegetable,
okra actually grows quite well even in
more northern climates
8 August 2011
the "three sisters": corn, beans, and squash in the presidential garden
8 August 2011

corn, ready to harvest
when it feels fully grown
8 August 2011
purple pole beans!
8 August 2011