Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Compost miracle!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday in Williamstown- breezy and almost fall-like as we transplanted and seeded fall crops- some familiar from the spring (chard, kale, pac choi, carrots, and beets) and others new (endive and raddichio). Then while stirring up the compost with all the newly added, hacked up cauliflower stalks and bolted greens we discovered to our astonishment that there were cucumber vines and tomato plants growing inside the original compost bin we had built back in March! The chicken wire served as a perfect trellis for the cukes and they have tons of flowers as do the tomatoes! We were thrilled at this wonderful display of coming full circle in the sustainable food cycle and how “waste” can actually become food.
Tomatoes and cucumbers in our first compost bin

Newly transplanted pac choi and kale (and carrots from seed)

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