Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to Summer

Hello garden followers!
This is Lucy and Josh checking in, the garden managers for the summer. This is only our first day on the job, but we are already busy planning lots of projects to expand and improve the garden plots. There are many things growing in the gardens right now - garlic, wheat, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, peas - and plenty more to come. It has been very wet for the past few weeks so everything is a bit swamped right now, but it's nice not to have to water!
We are looking forward to pursuing a number of infrastructural projects this summer in addition to the vegetable-growing that we will be managing. Some of the possibilities that we are brainstorming right now are building trellises for berries and beans, cold frames for some of the raised beds, a hardy compost system, planting perennial crops such as strawberries or asparagus and evaluating and potentially updating our drip irrigation system. There are lots of options for what to do and we are excited to get to work!
In addition to taking care of the Williams gardens, we will be overseeing the student garden at Mt. Greylock High School along with four student apprentices. It will be great to be able to collaborate between the two schools and hopefully develop a connection that can continue throughout the school year.
Here are some photos of the garden right now:
Everything's looking very green!

Potato plants are thriving.

Lots of lettuce.

Swampland between the beds.

Peas taking over the trellis in the Presidential plot.

Josh is very excited about documenting the garden through photography, so expect many more photos to come!

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